Actress Sonia Ibrahim Gets Engaged… See All Photos

Actress Sonia Ibrahim Gets Engaged… See All Photos

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She said yes!!! Actress Sonia Ibrahim has said yes to her her boyfriend who she has been dating for a long time.From the image she posted on instagram, the questioned popped up at a dinner and she admitted she would say “YES” a thousand times if she is asked the same question. Details about the mystery guy will surface soon but for now checkout what looks like a very expensive diamond ring he gave the actress.

Experts say that for a diamond ring, the price is based on the 4 C’s – cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. This means that we can take a guess at how expensive the ring is but can’t give an accurate price without getting a closer look at the ring. Of course, we don’t know anything about their relationship so it could last a long time or she could split a month down the line and end up selling the gorgeous ring!

Sonia is known for her roles in movies such as “Number 1 Fan”, “Shattered Romance” and more, she also recently won awards at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards, City People Entertainment Awards and more.

Congrats to her and we wish her all the best!!!

Below is what she posted on instagram with her sister Juliet Ibrahim the first to congratulate her.

The truth is,none of us are easy to date,deal with,or please all the time.we have our vices,attitudes and way of doing things that makes us who we won’t like everything about somebody,it’s impossible.this is life,and it isn’t about finding the perfect person,it isn’t about living some fairy tale.its about finding someone you are willing to work for,with someone whos willing to work with you.that simple! Find someone who has a heart for u and never stop fighting for them. I SAID YES…IM SAYING YES… AND I WILL SAY YES FOREVER to you. #letsdothis

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