Adjetey Anang And Wife Celebrate 14 Years Of Marriage

Adjetey Anang And Wife Celebrate 14 Years Of Marriage

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Not many knew that Ghanaian actor Adjetey Anang has been married for a long time as the movie star do not often share pictures of his family on social media.

The “Things We Do For Love” actor is married to Elom Anang and it’s been 14 years now ever since they tied the knot and the couple are marking it in style.

Last year when he marked the anniversary, Pusher as popularly known, took it upon himself to share with his fans and Instagram family 12 lessons they can adopt and adhere to maintain and enjoy marital bliss.

In his 6th lesson, he wrote; “LESSON6: WE LEARNT THAT FUN SURPRISES SPARK UP THE MARRIAGE: Knowing that receiving and giving gifts is one of her love languages, has helped greatly. She loves gifts! Of course, I have learned not to use that as a tool to gloss over any wrongdoing because really…

“When something is wrong between us, giving gifts instead of dealing with the issues might send the wrong signals…but once everything is discussed and resolved, gifts definitely add something special and makes her feel being thought of in a special way.”

This year, Mr. Annan is not sharing lessons but he is thankful to the good Lord for keeping his home. He says this is just another phase to grow to better and better.

On Wednesday, March 10, the multiple award-winning actor took to his Instagram account to celebrate his 14th wedding anniversary. Adjetey did this by sharing series of loved up picture of him with his pretty wife, Elom, on his social media handle. He showered praises on her for being part of his life.

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