Africa Needs Drastic Measures To Survive – Sarkodie

Africa Needs Drastic Measures To Survive – Sarkodie

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It appears Sarkodie is not happy about certain developments in Africa and Ghana for that matter.

For the past 15 hours, he has been venting his displeasure on twitter at how African leaders have failed their people.

In one of his posts, he suggested that what could possibly be the solution to Africa’s problems is dictatorship.

“What we need at this point might seem like dictatorship and will feel uncomfortable since we have enjoyed temporal [sic] freedom for a minute but we need drastic measures to survive,” he tweeted.

Obviously, Sarkodie is worried about Ghanaians reposing their hope in foreigners, especially those that led them into colonialism in the past.
In another tweet, he wrote: “We can’t be taking orders from the oppressor… it will never be in our favor.”

Making more allusions to the penchant to defer to powers from foreign lands, he tweeted: “Lemme predict what’s gonna happen: they will come in with money to buy our rights again and build their labels here … sign 90% of us and control the revenue… And our survival instincts might not help with the best decisions.”

In a litany of tweets, he noted that he was looking forward to detoxing the younger generation of ill intentions and rather empower the next generation.

“At this point , to make a change , let’s forget about the older generation, even our generation and impact the next,” he added.

He cited the aggression by the younger generation of musicians in breaking boundaries as an spirit worthy of emulation.

“Let me use music as an example: African music has been in existence for a long time but why is the world paying attention now??? Because at this point we took things into our hands, United and invaded… wasn’t an individual,” he stated.

“Those feelings are coming back again as always … My dream is for Africa to realize our power and care for our people … We need to take our pride back,” he said in another post.

Sarkodie has been very opinionated on issues of governance and leadership.

In the past he has done songs about pertinent issues plaguing society, he has taken leaders on for their mistakes and given hope to the youth in similar compositions.

He is currently out with a cypher ‘Biibiba’ which features 10 up and coming rappers.




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