Agya Koo threatens film director

Agya Koo threatens film director

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Ace Actor cum comedian Alexander Kofi Adu popularly known as Agya Koo has threatened to deal ruthlessly with film director Frank Fiifi Gharbin for consistently undermining his credibility. 

According to the furious actor, Frank Gharbin has abundantly diluted his integrity any time he got an opportunity on radio. 

Frank Fiifi Gharbin has hit hard at the ace actor, describing him as the most arrogant personality in the movie industry. According to him, the actor has profusely refused to succumb to the rules and regulations in the industry. 

Frank Fiifi Gharbin, known as King Soba, said he has done all his best to work with the actor, but it seems Agya Koo doesn’t want to open up his doors. 

“We are working on a new project of which Agya Koo, Lil win, Kwaku Manu, and Vivian Jill are to be featured in but unfortunately Agya Koo is complaining about the amount we are giving him, we agreed to offer him 4000 cedis every 10 scenes a day, but he said it is insufficient. I pleaded with him to accept it but he refused so I called Akrobeto and gave him half of the 4000 (40 million old cedis), and he did it for us.” 

But the fuming actor in a quick rebuttal on Boss FM said he is fed up with the chastisement and all the bashing from Frank Gharbin.

“I have seen that King Soba wants to dent my credibility, in the first place, you came on air last weekend to render apology to me but today you have made a U-turn on the same platform propagating falsehood against my persona. 

“I have noticed that King Soba is now my antagonist, so from now onward there is war between us; he should run when he spot me.” 

Agya Koo said he is not ready to accept such an amount from that production house; “My fixed price is 5000 cedis and is constant, so I don’t know the reasons why Soba has brought this issue on air for public scrutiny, I haven’t changed my price, it has remained the same and all the producers are aware of it.” 

“King Soba has been a threat to my career for the past four years and this time I will face him boot for boot, he can’t toy with my life,” he stated.




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