All you need to know about Sarkodie’s $12,000 lawsuit

All you need to know about Sarkodie’s $12,000 lawsuit

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Lawrence A. Darko, the promoter suing Sarkodie $12,000 has revealed he sued the rapper not because he wanted the money, but he wanted the Sackcess Music act to respect his fans in Russia.

Speaking to Pluzz FM, the 23-year-old gave an insight to the whole issue and we got the highlights for you.

1.Sarkodie posted on his social media that El Haj (French Guy) was his Tour Manager.

2.The promoter never spoke to Sarkodie directly. He spoke to a member of Sarkodie’s team named Angel.

3.Sarkodie initially ordered for the money to be wired into his account and but it bounced back into the promoter’s account.

4.Sark then ordered for the money to be wired to Mr. Ohene Kofi through Western Union and Angel went to cash the money.

5.The promoter read the reports on blogs where Angel claimed he didn’t know the promoter and wasn’t happy about it because the two were on Whatsapp throughout the transaction.

6.The promoter is demanding his money from Sarkodie because he never sent any money to the tour manager.

7.Sarkodie and his team have a personal problem with the tour manager.

8. The promoter is not suing Sarkodie because of the money; he is suing because Sarkodie didn’t respect his fans in Russia.

9.The promoter has records of his conversations with Angel on Whatsapp.

10. In Russia where the promoter is based, when you cancel a show, the artists is supposed to record an official video telling the people the show has been cancelled so the ticketing company can add it to their records. It’s also for taxation purposes.

11.The promoter sees Angel as the road manager of the Sarkcess team.

12.The promoter claims he is not interested in organizing a show for Sarkodie again.
13. The promoter called Angel to request for a 10 seconds video but Angel said ‘Sark say he no go do the video’.

14. You can’t do that in Russia.

Sarkodie’s RapperHolic Concert is happening tomorrow at the Conference Center.




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