PACESETTER writes ‘And May Their Souls Rest in Peace’ condemning the act of suicide!

PACESETTER writes ‘And May Their Souls Rest in Peace’ condemning the act of suicide!

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Ghana’s young budding poet, Abosi Obed Tieku Mensah with his signature penname, PACESETTER in the events of suicide has touched on the horrendous issue in a holistic manner.

His poem, ‘And May Their Souls Rest in Peace’ touches on the early incidence dated as far back, last week – the loss of three females in three locations; but spread his emotions throughout a broader spectrum.

Depression, failure, stereotype, low self-esteem and many others he believed is the root of this evil, such as the hardship for some when it comes to handling the emotions of retirement and the worries of their security in the future as can be seen in his work below.

PACESETTER is a level 300 BA. Business Administration student of the University of Professional Studies, Accra who is very passionate about his craft and seeks to change the world through this art.

He is a multi-talented individual whose adventure has led him into this niche of deep thinking and creativity. His emotions write…

Below is his thought provoking piece…

‘And May Their Souls Rest in Peace’

She dreamt of being –
The wannabe of an astute and repute household
A couple of A’s but with no aids – emotionally nor psychologically
A few minuses to what her eyes see;
Though her dreams so bright
In her quest to ace her dream;
Her fall came shockingly to the hood
Her mum knew… Her dad overlooked…
Yet their vision was clear
‘Keep the name or die alone’
The rope like the serpent was luring
The misfit could only fit the openings of the rope
She embraced rest
With the world on her shoulders;
The feminist called it quit
Her transfiguration was eternal
She was caught in between space and time
Her rapture was short felt
She died a martyr – died trying and wasted
I call on her to the jury of mercy
And may her soul rest in peace

Embracing the ropes –
She was either drugged or dragged
Whilst soaring the carnality of depression;
The feminist fell into the depth of masculinity
Embracing the filth of failure and the arches of the heart
Her trust was broken
Her will was shaken
She knew better but she did worst
She was new to love
She was new to failure
But she was quick to learn;
Learn the easy way –
She took the quantum leap into retirement
Only to join Absalom on the cross
She hanged in the crucifixion of rest
And may her soul rest in peace.

They are murderers
May the president grant them pardon
“The Montie Trio of suicide”
The twins of the rope and the athletic high-jumper
Oh! What excuse befit this catastrophe
Depression! Stress! All manner of chaotic ideologies
Who created life
And who caused them life…
Should we blame them since this was preventable?
Should we chastise this act knowing it could have been us?
Let’s judge the corpse and call the cops on the real culprits – society and ‘stupidity’
Who is next?
The game is now dicey
Who is next?
The varsities are waiting…
Oh! No!
This hub of sin cannot mould us
They went in for gold
But settled for the mortuary’s cold
In waiting for hell’s glory – the burning sulphur
And may their souls rest in peace.


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