Aphia Sakyi Presents Her Latest Collection ‘Your Highness’

Aphia Sakyi Presents Her Latest Collection ‘Your Highness’

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Award-winning Accessory designer brand and entrepreneur, Aphia Sakyi just released her latest collection ‘Your Highness’. YOUR HIGHNESS is a collection to remind women who they are!

We sit back and underestimate our true capabilities and for centuries the worth of a woman has been deeply buried in soil, and it is reflected in the clothes that much of mainstream media projects on women. But in the midst of this fertile soil is the seed that birthed nations, cradled in our hands some of the fiercest conquers, educated the wisest men, and nurtured the most successful of all entrepreneurs.

The new collection by Aphia Sakyi is wearable art that reflects this true nature of a woman. Being powerful is not in an act nor in a muscle or in a bank account, but instead in your presence and in your soul. This is the true inspiration behind the ‘YOUR HIGHNESS’ collection. Our silence is our force, we do not confirm, we command! Know who you are, Know your worth, Be confident. you are a QUEEN.

The Aphia Sakyi brand hosts a range of styles from the traditional to the traditionally-inspired, you can use for occasions. Their accessories are carefully crafted with fabrics and beads to tell the story of Africa.  each accessory invites a closer look at African traditions and fashion while helping you look fantastic everywhere you go. With a wide variety of types and styles of necklaces to choose from, you are sure to find an accessory that suits you.’ Find out more on www.aphiasakyi.com.



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