Asamoah Gyan Says he’s 100 years old…Here’s Why..

Asamoah Gyan Says he’s 100 years old…Here’s Why..

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Ghana skipper Asamoah Gyan has taken a swipe at recent media publications that suggested he was 40 years instead of 30, with the upset SIPG striker claiming he is 100 years old.
The 30-year-old goal machine says he is irritated by a website spoof regarding his age that went viral, after several supposedly credible local sites published the skit on their platforms.

The record African goalscorer at the World has fumed that if some section of the Ghanaian media have a problem with his age, and wants him to declare his real age, he can confidently reveal that he is 100 years old

Shortly after Asamoah Gyan celebrated his 30th birthday with a mega party at his Basilica residence last weekend, a specific story went viral on social media that Mr Gyan Baffour, Asamoah’s father had said at the party that the Blacks Stars skipper reduced his age by 10 years.

But the father of the Shanghai SIPG striker has come out to categorically debunk the allegation.

Meanwhile, Asamoah Gyan himself has taken to radio to lash out at the websites and media platforms that jumped unto the story without crosschecking.

“Tell them I’m 100 years, I Asamoah Gyan say my real age is 100 years and they must write this on their websites and let the whole world know that I am 100 years old”, Asamoah Gyan said in an interview with Kumasi-based Angel FM

“This is unprofessional, whoever was involved in that malicious story is an unprofessional”,

“Any new website that comes out tries to use me or other people stars to make their name and that is unfair”,

The father of the Ghana star says he could be heading to court over ‘false reports’ on an alleged revelation on his son’s real age.




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