Bisa Kdei Sets New Record In Amsterdam

Bisa Kdei Sets New Record In Amsterdam

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Multiple award winning musician Bisa Kdei has begun his Europe tour starting with Amsterdam and videos circulating online showed he just set another record there

We can recall some time back in Canada, Bisa Kdei had a full house show with over 800 patrons outside waiting with tickets to enter but promoters had to cease them due to the fact that the venue was full

Bisa Kdei’s Amsterdam show had similar experience, with a very full house and hundreds of fans outside waiting to enter with their tickets but werent able to enter

Promoters believe this is the first time they have recorded such numbers of ticket sales from any Ghanaian musician in Amsterdam

Bisa Kdei later informed the promoters to get a much bigger venue the next time they are billing him for shows because he doesn’t want to see people work to buy tickets and can’t enter his shows to interact with them

It is of no doubt that when it comes to Ghana, Bisa Kdei is the only musician who has wide and mixed race fans who love to attend his shows and concerts in almost every foreign country

Watch a short video of what happened in Amsterdam from below

Source: Gh Joy



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