Bisa Kdei Sets New Record With #Mansa On YouTube

Bisa Kdei Sets New Record With #Mansa On YouTube

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The most listened/played song at the moment, #Mansa by Bisa Kdei just gave a record on YouTube, specifically, in Ghana’s music industry.

The song which is less than 6 months old has been able to penetrate into all the corners of Ghana’s map; from the Urban to the Rural citizens of the country, thus, making the number of views on YouTube an impressive one.

On August 19th, Black Legendary Music Crew released the music video for Mansa, and in 3 months, the song has gotten over 1 million views on YouTube.

For the record, this is the first time in Ghana’s music industry for a song by any Ghanaian based musician to hit over a million views within 3 months.

The music video, which was directed by Xbillz Ebenezer features actress Benedicta Gafah, who posed as the Beautiful Mansa Bisa Kdei is singing for. Barba Shai and the Smart Dance Crew gave us some exciting dance moves while comic actor, Funny Face cracks our ribs with his funny moves.

The MANSA video, which is at variance with the usual videos performed by Bisa Kdei, has modern classic scenes, which depicts a versatile Bisa Kdei, who has shifted from his traditional way of music videos.

“MANSA” was produced by Bisa Kdei and Kaywa and forms part of a yet-to-be-released album by the contemporary hi-life singer.

Bisa Kdei titles his upcoming album BreakThrough and so far, two songs from the album have been made available to the public – these include, Mansa and Brother Brother.

Brother Brother on the other hand is also gaining attention, enjoying massive airplay as well as topping music charts since its release a month ago.

Watch the video for Mansa below..



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