BLACK IS THE NEW WHITE – #JumiaBlackFriday

BLACK IS THE NEW WHITE – #JumiaBlackFriday

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Often a colour associated with doom and gloom, black is generally accepted as the

colour that comes with no good. Although fashion is gradually making black a

likeable colour, many people still see black as a very bad colour. However, in the

world of sales and marketing, black actually means something good, interesting and

great for customers. Ever heard of Black Friday? Don’t be taken aback. Do not fear!

It isn’t about doom and evil. It’s just a day (sometimes a period) of mind

blowing,captivating and amazing discounts. Every business tries to cash in at this

time by reducing the prices of selected items to the bearest minimum by providing

very big discounts. Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading hotel booking website sheds more

light on this extraordinary sales period.

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All around the world, there is only one day! Sometimes one weekend! When you can pay less and get more. That time of the year when prices of goods and services are so reduced that all you hear customers say is ‘’wow’’! This year is no exception.

The main question is why Black Friday? And why is it so important?
Black Friday, a day celebrated since 1932 is the day after Thanksgiving (Originated from the USA). It is largely considered as the curtain raiser to Christmas shopping. Vendors and business entities drastically reduce or discount their items to either attract customers to buy a lot or clear out old stock to make way for the new items for the new year. Whatever their reasons for these reductions and discounts may be, it is the customer who is the greatest beneficiary.

So why call it black friday when the only extract from these sales is positive? Why call it black if it only brings good news? The reason for calling this amazing day of sales ‘’Black’ is yet to be fully explained. But do customers really care whether it is black or white? The unanimous answer is NO! In fact why should they care? That phone, laptop, dress or microwave they have been saving to buy all year round has finally been put on sale for half the price or even at a 70% discount. Amazing isn’t it?

For other businesses such as hotel booking portals, Black friday is a day to give back to all the loyal customers who book all year round. Imagine getting that dream holiday in a 4 star hotel at half the price. Or even getting a 70% discount on that weekend trip outside your home region? Just think about getting a 90% discount on that room in the hotel you always thought you could never afford? This is the magic of Black Friday.

This is the best time to be on the alert, be online and don’t miss the opportunity of saving huge amounts of money by utilizing these mind-blowing discounts.
Christmas just came early!

Credit : Bennet Otoo, Jumia Travel



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