‘Bola Ray didn’t deserve the 2015 RTP Award’

‘Bola Ray didn’t deserve the 2015 RTP Award’

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It seems issues surrounding this year’s Radio and Television Personality Awards, RTP is not dying anytime soon.

Various concerns have been raised especially regarding who won what on the night.

Host of Showbiz Xtra on Happy Fm, Dr. Cann is alleging Kwabena Anokye Adisi aka. Bola Ray bought the RTP late afternoon show host of the year he won.

He has been ranting the very day after the RTP was organized, and it seems he’s not going to stop his series of disturbing allegations against the RTP award organizers anytime soon. He made this revelation on his show last Saturday.

He said, “Considering the year under review, Bola Ray did not in any way merit the RTP Late Afternoon Show Host of the year he won, it won’t be surprising to me that he used his money to get his way through to winning that category”.

He added, “How old is Starr Fm, even when Bola Ray left Joy Fm he was off radio for several months before getting back on radio, how can you tell me Bola Ray deserve that category in the year under review? This RTP people have to come clean, if you are organizing an award for the industry, don’t see it as a business venture”, he fumed.

The angry Dr. Cann continue to jab his fellow colleagues; Kwame Adinkrah of Atinka Fm and Agyeman Nie of Rainbow Radio for foul play. For Kwame Adinkrah, he said Bernard Avle of Citi Fm deserved to win the morning show host, no two ways.

He said, “How can Kwame Adinkrah win morning show of the year? Look at the people in that category, Captain Smart, Kwame Nkrumah of Okay Fm, Bernard Avle of Citi Fm but still the RTP people managed to give it to Kwame Adinkrah of Atinka FM. Who in this country doesn’t know Bernard Avle deserve to win this particular category hands down?

Just look at the hardwork Bernard put into his show in the year under review? How many people are even in the known that Kwame Adinkrah is still on radio? He angrily asked.

Bola was nominated alongside Jessica of Citi Fm, Lexis Bill- Joy Fm, Ike Unpredictable- Angel Fm, Quophi Okyeame – Rainbow Radio, Jerry Justice – Adom Fm, and Nana Adwoa Atta – Sky power

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