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Chief Executive officer of EIB Network, Ghana’s leading media group, Nathaniel Anokye

Adisi, a.k.a Bola Ray, Sunday donated 15, 000 cedis to the SOS Children’s Village in Tema.

The donation was a fraction of a larger gesture that included assorted food items and

consumables, and free haircut partly paid for and donated by some well wishers.

Sunday’s exercise was in accordance with a yearly ritual of giving to the facility, which has

three other branches nationwide. The successful broadcaster has for years been giving to

the facility, and has encouraged others to do so. Every year, he visits the facility with some

friends and associates who share in the spirit of reaching out to the less privileged.

A fun day that saw a delivery of great entertainment package, it was a perfect way to kick

start his birthday celebrations  which fall on March 1.

This year’s exercise also saw the adoption of one of the key resident blocks of the school;

Bola Ray and his friends will be responsible for its upkeep and growth henceforth.

The adoption comes on the back of a donation of a vehicle to the facility last year.

Receiving the items on behalf of the Village, Alexander Kekula, National Director of the

facility said Bola’s exploits were exemplary and must be emulated by young and successful


Bola Ray he added hasn’t looked back on the facility ever since he was made ambassador in

2011, adding he’s become an important asset to the Village and the children.

An excited Bola Ray, thanked officials of the facility for building on the relationship, which

started a little over six years ago.

Promising to be a good ambassador, he announced a ready employment offer for one of

the young and brilliant students of the facility whom he saw six years ago when he first


SOS is the world’s largest charity for orphaned and abandoned children. It caters for over

60,000 children in 125 countries around the world. The project gives children who have

nothing and no-one a new family, a home, an education and a future.

It is also a large school charity; there are 404 education programmes across the world,

helping 130,500 children to be equipped with knowledge and skills. It has teaching

resources for schools, including the Our Africa project where children from across the

African continent present their own countries

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