Breakup In The Air: Medikal Allegedly ‘tearing’ Fella Makafui’s Heart Apart

Breakup In The Air: Medikal Allegedly ‘tearing’ Fella Makafui’s Heart Apart

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One of the celebrity relationships most Ghanaians are really following to see how it ends is that of rapper Medikal and Fella Makafui taking into consideration how that latter manoeuvred her ways to win the heart of the former.

Hope y’all remember how Fella Makafui passed through the back door to break the heart of Sister Derby? That’s the reason why most Ghanaians are observing from afar to see the aftermath of Medikal and Fella Makafui’s amorous relationship.

From the look of things, it looks like there’s a pending doom as close source available to the above-mentioned love birds has relayed to Instagram blogger popularly known as ‘those called celebs’ that all is not well in the much talked about relationship.

“The girl is suffering oooo ???????????????????????? the things am hearing no…chai!! How long will u pretend for de gram?? Herrrr I love u paaaa… if u think de boy is tearing ur heart…. leave oooo …u can’t come n kill urself cux of #thosecalledcelebs and her followers… tomorrow by dis time…u will snap pics to decieve the public meanwhile u dieing inside… no where cool ampa!! Go back for Alhaji cux mamaga still collect him na ???????? de girl is confused oooo… herrrrr evidence paaa nie!!”, the blog posted.

A critical analysis of the above information shows that most Fella Makafui recent actions and inactions on social media specially Instagram are all fake as she’s dying slowly within due to Medikal’s chronic cheating habit, allegedly. Simply put, all is not well but for the love of social media likes, comments and shares, Fella Makafui has to pretend and appear glamorous as if the whole world is at her feet.

Although this is not the first time cheating rumours has been laid at the door steps of the 2019 VGMAs Hiplife/Hiphop Artiste of The Year, Medikal. Further checks also revealed that Medikal ‘ignored’ Fella Makafui at the VGMAs and refused to give her shout outs when the rapper won his award.

Nonetheless, your favourite entertainment blog, is keenly following the new development and we promise to update you accordingly as and when issues unfold.




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