‘Bulldog is only comfortable changing his Togo jeans’

‘Bulldog is only comfortable changing his Togo jeans’

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Movie producer, Socrates Safo has stated that artiste manager, Lawrence Nana Asiama Hanson (Bulldog) is facing extreme hardship like every Ghanaian and is only comfortable changing his Togo jeans.

His comments came on the back of Bulldog’s claims that the entertainment industry is booming under the Mahama-led administration.

According to Socrates Safo, the creative arts industry has suffered major setbacks due to the energy crisis has lingered on for three years.

“People are struggling and you say business is booming? Ask Bulldog, ‘Is he comfortable?’ No! The only thing that has been comfortable for him is changing his Togo trousers and now wearing designer trousers,” he fumed on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz on Friday.

Socrates disagreed with Bulldog’s assertion that Beasts of No Nation was shot and sold out in Ghana because of how flourishing the industry is.

He argued Bulldog is ignorant of the fact that movies have been shot in the country in previous years by foreigners.

“His claims tell you he knows not what he is saying. One thing under this government is that they don’t respect Ghanaians. They just tell us anything and expect us to take it as if we don’t reason. This isn’t the first time an outsider has shot a movie in Ghana. Even with the Beasts of No Nation, is it funded from Ghana?” he queried.

Adding, “He was just being sarcastic with his post. He knows that things are not going right but he is just saying it to expose the situation. You and I know that the industry has collapsed under this government.”

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