CharterHouse Refuses to Nominate Shatta Wale At 2016 VGMAS, Read Why..

CharterHouse Refuses to Nominate Shatta Wale At 2016 VGMAS, Read Why..

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George Quaye , PRO for Charterhouse, organisers of the annual Ghana Music Awards has disclosed on Accra FM that Shatta Wale will not be nominated for this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. Speaking to DJ Premiere on Entertainment Capital Saturday morning, he said the musician gave directives telling organisers of the show not to nominate him for the music awards.

“He listed all his songs on Facebook and gave a stern warning asking us not to use his songs else he will go to court. If the person says we should not use his songs then what else do we have to do?

We never said anywhere that we will not nominate him but the artiste said we should not nominate him so why are you forcing us to nominate him?”

When host of the show, DJ Premiere asked George Quaye if there has been any attempt to reconcile with Shatta Wale, he answered that “why must there be any attempt? Is he the only artiste in Ghana”

He further listed musicians who have not been nominated after they warned organisers of Ghana Music Awards not to add their names to the awards.

“There are a lot of musicians in Ghana. We should not behave like we are trying to pamper or favor certain musicians. When Mzbel said sometime ago that she should not be nominated for Ghana Music Awards, why is nobody pleading for her? Is Mzbel also not a musician who is important in Ghana? Have you seen that VGMAs has ever nominated Mzbel after she made those comments?.

Black Rasta was banned but did people fight for him?. Kwaisey Pee also said sometime ago that he didn’t want nomination and when did people fight for him? Are those I have mentioned not important?




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