Comedian Before Me Extracted All Laughter Of Audience – DKB Explains Failed Comedy

Comedian Before Me Extracted All Laughter Of Audience – DKB Explains Failed Comedy

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Comedian DKB has explained why he failed to make patrons laugh at the second edition of Glo’s Laffta Fest last Sunday.

According to him, the comedian who performed before him extracted all the laughter out of the audience.

The comedian was reported to have apologised to the audience at the event which took place at the Fantasy Dome, Trade Fair in Accra, for not lifting up his game on the night.

According to reports, all the jokes he shared did not impress the audience and some of the patrons started booing him.

But explaining what happened on the night on Hitz @1 on Hitz FM, DKB stated that Dan D Humurous, who performed before him, exceeded his time of performance thus making the audience tired.

“I always respect the opinion of the audience and I try to appreciate the fact that they made an effort to come and see me perform but unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned. They were laughing but the standard of response I was expecting, I didn’t get it,” he said.

“I’m the type who doesn’t like sharing blame, I always believe that I’m responsible for the spot I’m given and have to take full charge of it but what happened was that, the comedian before me overstayed his time twice. He stayed for a pretty long time so he drained the laughter out of the audience so when I came in, it looked like the people were sort of tired,” DKB explained.

“The energy was a bit low but at the end of the day, I was given that spot as a comedian so I must be a magician and that’s why I decided to apologize to the audience,” he added.

The comedian also denied reports that he was booed offstage hence his apology to the audience.

“No no, nobody booed. When I noticed the energy was not coming as expected, it got me a little anxious on stage, I had some serious anxiety. I felt pressed and pressured so I decided to call the elephant in the room (by asking what the problem was) and it gave some people the opportunity to boo but I shut them up,” he added.




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