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Ghanaian Socialite and Entrepreneur Confidence Haugen seem to be hiding sometime.

The Aphrodisiac Night Club CEO who has been away from Ghana for some time now, has sent Instagram buzzing with rumours of having a new baby.

Mamaga posted picture of a pretty baby on Instagram few hours ago and according romours Confident has been pregnant and kept it away from the public therefore the baby’s picture is a confirmation of her rumored pregnancy. has been monitoring Confidence’s Instagram page since she posted the picture and some information on her page about the baby’s photo seem to be indicating that it may be Confidence’s new baby.

If it is Confidence’s new baby, then all we can say is congratulations! All we can hope for though is that Confidence has got everything sorted for her new arrival. Things like getting the right stroller for the baby (let’s hope she checked out the reviews on Stroller Buzz), the new baby clothes, plus so much more. Even if it’s not her baby, hopefully, the baby’s parents have got everything all sorted.
Confidence Haugen baby?

First of all this was Confidences initial caption for the picture “Best Xmas present ????welcome to the world” and when she realized that several people including some Ghanaian celebrities were congratulating and making suspicions comments, she added something to her initial caption “Best Xmas present ???? welcome to the world nephew”.

After changing the caption, she adding this at the comments “Thanks for all the congratulations messages but the baby is not my baby it’s my nephew”, implying the baby is not hers but that of her sister but according to some close sources Confidence is just trying to sway our minds away from the truth considering the baby’s complexion and the fact that Confidence is married to a white man.

Comments by Ghanaian stars such as Captain Planet a member Hiplife group 4X4, Ghanaian Afro Pop Singer Becca, actress Ama K. Abebrese, Joselyn Dumas, Deborah Vanessa, DJ Mensah among others has further deepened the rumours.

Dj Mensah said “@confidencehaugen 24th ??” Captain Planet of 4×4:“@confidencehaugenCONGRATS but i knew about it long time ????“, this was Becca’s comment “Omg!!!!! @confidencehaugentoo cute!! Congratulations love. May God bless you!!! And baby ???????????“, Deborah Vanesa: “??????”, Joselyn_Dumas: “OMG!! He’s here already…. Bless! Bless! Bless!! Congratulations“, Ama_K_Abebrese: “@confidencehaugenCongratulations to the new addition to your family” among others.

Confidence is currently based in London and is ready to pay anybody who can get a picture of Confident Haugen pregnant. will buy the picture that can prove that Confidence has actually been pregnant.

Anybody who has a picture or pictures can email us on

Meanwhile, all efforts to get in touch with Confidence have proven futile.





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