Current Crop Of Gospel Musicians Are A Bunch Of Fornicators – Anita Afriyie

Current Crop Of Gospel Musicians Are A Bunch Of Fornicators – Anita Afriyie

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Ever wondered why gospel music is taking a nosedive in the country? Sensational Gospel singer, Anita Afriyie has revealed the secret behind the fall in Ghana’s Gospel music genre.

According to her, most of today’s Gospel Musicians are not able to write good songs because they have now been embalmed with the evil spirit of ‘fornication’.

Gospel Music undoubtedly has lost its patronage by many Ghanaians in recent times.

Most music critics have argued that, today musicians have not been able to produce that content which makes it ‘good music’.

Some on the other hand have described recent Gospel Music as not worth listening to.

Unlike in the early 90s and late 2000s where Ghanaians enjoyed Gospel Music from the likes of Mark Abraham, Pastor Joe Bechem, Tagoe Sisters, Mama Esther among others, the story is different today with little attention to gospel music being produced.

Today, hardly do Ghanaians enjoy Gospel Music with the enthusiasm they had years back.

Speaking in an interview with Kumasi-based Fox FM monitored by, Anita Afriyie emphatically stated that, singers in the industry today are not doing well because they have engaged themselves in ‘fornication’. 

“The anointing which was making them do good music has gone. They have now turned the anointing to fornication and fornication we know is not acceptable in Gospel music”, hhe said.

“One thing I have noticed is that is that when you are doing God’s work while you engage yourself in such act it shall never prosper unless maybe you go for juju”, she adds.

Anita Afriyie insisted that, Gospel Musicians must do their best to stop all evil acts before using their songs to preach to others.

According to her, what makes on a Christian is the fact that, he or she stops engaging in acts like fornication which is currently eating some Gospel Musicians up in Ghana.




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