Don’t Build Movie Theaters – Fred Nuamah To Government

Don’t Build Movie Theaters – Fred Nuamah To Government

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghana Movie Awards, Fred Nuamah, has suggested that government and stakeholders should look out for an easy and alternative means to deal with the absence of movie theatres in the country instead of focusing on building new ones.

Fred, who was speaking an interview with NEWS-ONE over the weekend, thought government should rather rehabilitate the already existing town halls in the various districts into cinemas.

This, he insisted, will save cost for government to provide cinema halls for the movie industry.

“I rather want one district one cinema hall in a town tall. Government should change the town halls into cinema halls so that during the day, the town can use it for their programmes then during the night they can use it as cinema hall. This is because if you want to transform those halls, it won’t cost $ 5,000 each,” Fred said.

“Before the industry can stand, we need one district one movie theatre. But it’s simple; I don’t want government to build movie theatres. What I want government to do is not to build cinemas. No! Every district should by this time have something they call town and I know they do have town halls. With the town halls, all we need are projectors, those rubber chairs and speakers here and there to fit into the district.”

“For example, let’s say we have 275 districts and we able to get cinema halls across 250 of these districts and you produce a movie and you are getting averagely GH¢2,000as profit from each district, are we not in good business?” he questioned.

“Do we need a rocket scientist to come and tell us this is doable and keep the industry going? The industry can only stand if there are cinemas halls in the country,” he emphasized.

Fred also reiterated his earlier suggestion that government should stop paying ‘blank levy’ moneys to film producers for a while, so it uses that money to fund the rehabilitation of the town halls into cinemas.




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