Don’t Listen To My Music If You Think It Is Bad – Emelia Brobbey

Don’t Listen To My Music If You Think It Is Bad – Emelia Brobbey

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Actress now turned musician, Emelia Brobbey, has lashed out critics of her music who consistently say she is churning out bad content.

According to her, it hurts after going through a lot of stress to produce a song and at the end, people will troll her and also hurl insults at her

“I was hurt and felt bad when people start insulting and criticizing me. So I was like why do you criticize me? If you think you don’t like my song or video don’t listen or watch it”. Emelia Brobbey said this on Accra based Angel FM in an interview.

According to her, the situation got worst when a twitter user described her music as noise comparing it to the sound of popular household 555 saucepan.

“It got to a point somebody told me my voice was like the sound made by 555 saucepan”, she recounted.

Actress Emelia Brobbey indeed became a laughing stock after her first song “Fa Me Ko” which launched her into the music industry.

“After everything my management advised me and we have done it again”, she noted.

Emelia Brobbey after the release of her supposed bad music has come out again and this time featured great singers like Kuami Eugene and Wendy Shay on new songs like “Odo Electric” among others.



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