Donzy, Ephraim Ready To Go To Jail For Refusing To Pay Toll On Motorway

Donzy, Ephraim Ready To Go To Jail For Refusing To Pay Toll On Motorway

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Rapper Donzy and music producer Ephraim, have vowed never to pay any toll on the Accra-Tema Motorway until the road is fixed.

According to them, it does not make sense to constantly pay tolls on the motorway while there are serious potholes on the main road that connects Tema to Accra.

Explaining the rationale behind his decision, Donzy told Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM that “it is very good for every citizen to pay tolls…when we pay the tolls; it has to be used for what we paid for.”

While he admits that “it’s a crime not to pay tolls”, ‘The Crusade’ rapper noted that a lot of action is needed to end the needless accidents on the motorway. “From the beginning to the end, do you know how dangerous it is?”

“When you have a problem on the motorway at night there is no streets light,” he said and recounted that he missed his flight because he burst his tyre after hitting a pothole on the motorway.

The government, he said, owes him ¢600 as the amount he spent on fixing his tyre after that near-fatal accident. He also recounted that he messed his clothes for an appointment due to another accident there.

“If I get arrested because I didn’t pay my tolls and I’m able to save thousands of lives, am I not a hero” he quizzed Andy Dosty.

“I’m not afraid to die” if it will save people’s lives, he added.

According to him, “the more we talk about it the government will hear” and fix the potholes on the expressway.

Citing the recent action by residents in Adentan to get the government to fix the footbridges on the Madina-Adentan road, Donzy said: “we have to sit up to draw the government’s attention to the issues on the motorway.”

“We are all human beings,” the rapper stressed and noted that they also deserve some care from the government.

Asked when he stopped paying tolls, he said, “I actually stopped paying before people started talking about it.”

“All the money they get what do they use it for,” an angry Donzy quizzed and called on politicians to fulfil their promises or else “Ghanaian youth will attack the government.”


Musician and producer Ephraim, also shared Donzy’s sentiments and wondered if there should be a coup d’état before the government addresses the needs of the citizens

He also vowed not to pay any toll on the motorway stressing that he is ready to be arrested for his decision.

“So why can’t they arrest the government…the authorities in charge for not fixing the roads?”

The producer said a woman and her two-year-old son lost their lives on the motorway recently and he also nearly lost his life because of a pothole on the motorway over the weekend.

“Our people won’t repair the motorway but they keep collecting the money,” he vented.

The Tema-based producer vowed that they are ready to ask drivers not to pay tolls on the motorway until the potholes are fixed.




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