Drivers And Passangers At Risk As Taxify Ghana Has No Insurance Policy For Them

Drivers And Passangers At Risk As Taxify Ghana Has No Insurance Policy For Them

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With all the talk of Taxify recently, you might have considered signing up to their service but you might also wonder about the implications when it comes to your car insurance and who would pay in the event of an accident.

Sometimes accidents happen, and you wouldn’t want to be going forth and back waiting for an insurance company to pay you for damages or items loss, so it’s always good to know that you are protected against medical treatment costs and lost earning opportunities. And it could be worse. For instance, if you got into an accident after purchasing your car and you find out that your insurance company won’t cover you due to the car having a defect when you bought it. Luckily, there are laws that cover this. In the United States, it’s called the Lemon Law, and it means you can make a claim for your lemon (another name for a defective car), so you can get the help you need, whether it’s replacing the vehicle or to cover any injuries or lost earnings that your insurance may not cover.

Few days ago, a young man at my work place who was riding with Taxify car was involved in a car accident last Friday night when the Taxify driver hit another car which resulted in the customer having some minor wounds and his iphone 8 damaged in the process.

According to the young man known as Sammy, he requested the ride to his house Friday around 12:45am and sat at the back seat of the car chatting on his phone and after the Dzorwulu traffic light, something prompted him to lift his head when he saw that the Taxify car was just few seconds heading to hit a packed KIA at top speed.

He quickly had to alert the driver who may have been dosing to stir the car to another direction which resulted in the car hitting the pavement, damaging the car badly.

Sammy then went to the hospital for check up and made a report to the Airport police station for a medical report and to write a statement, he also made a report of the accident to Taxify. According to Sammy, he paid over 600 cedis for an x ray and facial scan because Taxify told him via a customer care personnel that Taxify Ghana has no insurance policy. For taxi operators, big and small, such incidents are a professional risk and good taxi insurance would have ensured that they covered Sammy’s treatment costs and any damage to their own service vehicle. Staveley Head Insurance can get you started if you are a taxi operator and like Taxify Ghana, haven’t considered taking taxi insurance just yet.

With this, Taxify is saying they are not going to replace the damaged phone and pay the hospital bills for their customer who had an accident due to the negligence of the Taxify driver and the question is what if Sammy had died in the accident? Now, he will have to take his phone to a Cell Phone Repair Bridgewater shop, or at least one similar, for it to be fixed and pay for his own medical bills, which seems very unfair.

This is a wakeup call to Taxify Ghana to make amends and make sure their customers are served with care and also attach some importance to insurance for their customers. Even though Taxify few months ago claimed they are rolling out a safety feature for its mobile application in a bid to ensure the safety of its drivers after many of their drivers had expressed a number of concerns about their safety when providing transport services on behalf of Taxify, the company still doesn’t have any insurance package for their customers.



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