Ebony turns heat on Obour; fingers him over ‘indecent dressing’ comment

Ebony turns heat on Obour; fingers him over ‘indecent dressing’ comment

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Unperturbed about comments people have made about her raunchy dressing, Ebony has on all occasions responded to criticisms and Obour’s will certainly not be an exception, abrantepa.com can report.

Ebony is suggesting that the President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has failed members and as such has no moral rights to criticize her act.

Obour during his assessment of Ebony’s style of dressing described it as “very bad” as he posited it does not conform to the moral values of the society.

“That is very bad. It is very bad. Again, in our vein as a union we will try to let the public know that they are in an acting role. We are also constantly always speaking to our musicians that they should be conscious of the moral values of the country they are operating in.

“Lady Gaga could wear that same costume and nobody would cry or scream foul about it because the moral values of the country they are in is different from that of the country we are in now. And so we are always advising our musicians to be quite decorous in their way of dressing” he told JoyNews while adding that, “that is not to say we should overly chastise a female act based on the costume they wear because they are acting.”

Responding to the remarks in a Facebook post, Ebony implied that Obour should rather focus his attention on improving the welfare of musicians.

“Ebony reigns dressing is very bad and is not our culture,but ‘chopping’ of musicians money is very good and i think that is our culture.some gh musicians are dying of hunger and what is ur union doing about that mr president?do you really care?#hustle

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