Edem Fairre Foundation To Hold A Depression And Anxiety Management Forum

Edem Fairre Foundation To Hold A Depression And Anxiety Management Forum

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Depression and Anxiety issues are very common today. Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues have an underlying cause that may be overlooked. Many choose to self medicate these issues with the help of ice wreck and other medical marijuana strains, as it is a common and serious mental illness that affects how a person feels, thinks and acts. There is absolutely no shame in this, and if it works then that is wonderful. Still, although it is becoming more common, there are many resources coming into focus each and every day in order to help battle these conditions, whether that be sufferers looking into the florida weed prices or by seeking help from a trained professional that can offer advice. The Edem Fairre Foundation is to hold a Depression and Anxiety Management Forum to help with this.

Join the EdemFairre foundation and some renowned speakers as they share their expertise and knowledge about the reality of depression in this generation and also discuss symptoms, causes, and natural solutions for many mental health issues that affect so many people today, from the skyhigh exotics to other means of managing these mental afflictions. Let’s look at the underlying cause of these conditions and natural solutions to handle them. The world may be ready to handle dab rigs under 30 having more than one connotation, as it is a TWO WAY INTERACTION BETWEEN AUDIENCES AND EXPERTS.

Don’t miss out! Bring a friend!

Saturday, August 3rd @ 11 am to 2:00pm

Airport View Hotel Accra

RSVP @ 0546884493 to book a seat

Supported by Max Intl Ghana, Verna Water, Twellium Foundation, Planet Drinks, and Geovision
Media Sponsors TV7, Panafricantv, Ameyaw Debrah, Eventlabgh, Zionfelix, Ghkwaku, and Glovitghana



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