Efya Girl Talk Concert ‘Watch Tickets’ Out For Sale

Efya Girl Talk Concert ‘Watch Tickets’ Out For Sale

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Wait no more! Tickets are out for The Efya Girl Talk Concert which promises to be one of the finest events in the year 2015.

Palm Media, organizers of the Concert, known for their creativity and uniqueness, has introduced a new dimension to ticketing in this year’s concert.

People who are wanting to attend the event can soon purchase these extravagant tickets, and some can even purchase them sooner than others with their american express cash magnet. Good times are coming!

You won’t believe it! Unlike the usual tickets for events in the country, The Efya Girl Talk Concert tickets comes in a form of durable leather and gold watches, designed to entice ladies to get one.

The watches are not only intended for ladies to patronize the concert but also, wear it to any other occasion after the concert and to also keep refreshing them to report on time for the concert.

The designed white leather watch tickets are going for only GHc70 regular and the captivating gold watch tickets are GHc130 VIP.

Tickets can be purchased at Live91.9FM, Koala, Surfline Offices, Girl Talk Street Fair, Tonaton, Airport Shell and Baatsona Total or contact 0209564117 and 0572273314 for more info.


The 2015 Girl Talk will kick start with a street fair, on the 12th and 13th of December at the Osu Oxford Street and the biggest all ladies night out is slated for 18th of December at the National Theatre at 8:00pm.



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