Fantana Replies Critics Who Accuse Her Of Big Mouth And Teeth

Fantana Replies Critics Who Accuse Her Of Big Mouth And Teeth

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Rufftown records signee, Francine Nyanko Koffi popularly known as Fantana has revealed on Sammy Kay’s Go online show how she feels about her looks.

According to the “Girls hate on girls” songstress, people are getting an injection for big lips and big mouth so if she is fortunate and blessed with big lips and a big mouth, she isn’t perturbed with insults channelled at her. She stated that she is blessed with everything and went ahead to give a checklist of her ideal man. She said “My ideal man….rich, caring, rich and caring, and a Christian”.

That notwithstanding, she explained that whoever she falls in love with, whether rich or poor and still feels like building him up to the man she desires and want, she will help in that aspect in all honesty.

Asked if she has any “trotro” experience, Fantana told Sammy Kay she used public transport from East Legon to Makola just ones and it was deliberate because she wanted to get that “trotro” experience.

Passengers she joined in the car started calling her “obroni” because of the way she speaks.

She added that she gave the mate GHc10 and didn’t take her balance.

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