Fella Makafui Inspired ‘Wo to nono’ Song – Medikal

Fella Makafui Inspired ‘Wo to nono’ Song – Medikal

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Rapper Medikal has revealed the inspiration behind some of his hit songs.

According to him, smash hits such as ‘Ayekoo’, ‘Aboa wo to nono’, and ‘Omo ada’ were inspired by his curvaceous girlfriend, actress Fella Makafui. 

“My girlfriend inspires me in a lot of ways, I preach my lifestyle and anything I say is actually true, I talk about money, car, some lifestyle and my girlfriend are all true, she inspired me to do songs like ‘Ayekoo’ ‘Aboa wo to nono’ I will like to preach the reality…,” Medikal said in an interview on Joy FM.

The AMG Business artiste stressed that he only flaunts things that he owns to motivate his fans, saying, “Anything Medikal says or flaunts is true, I won’t post Roseros and say is mine because I don’t have it, I talk about the little that I have, I want motivate my fans so if I flaunt Range Rover or Mercedes, I don’t just flaunt it, I have it.”

Medikal, known in his private life as Samuel Adu Frimpong drew parallels between himself and dancehall artiste Shatta Wale with regards to flaunting their wealth on social media. 

“Shatta Wale don’t lie, he talks about the things he’s got, if he flaunts, he flaunts how to get them,” he said.

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