‘Flowking Stone: Apologize to Tigo or count yourself out’

‘Flowking Stone: Apologize to Tigo or count yourself out’

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A member of the production team for this year’s Tigo Music Unplugged show, George Quaye has said he would never be able to work with Flowking Stone if the latter refuses to apologise for his actions at the event.

According to George Quaye, he spoke to Flowking Stone twenty minutes to his performance that because of time constraints, he would have to “cut down his performance time”.

He stated that although the artiste was not happy about the development, there was a mutual agreement that his performance should be at most fifteen minutes. When he realised Flowking Stone had breached the agreement, he signalled DKB, the emcee of the event to go stop him.

The artiste upon realising that, told the audience he has been asked to end his performance and chastised event organising for continually disrespecting Kumasi based artistes.

George Quaye on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz said until the Flowking Stone apologises for his ‘unwarranted’ remarks, he will not be able to work with the artiste again at any event.

“When our brother, Flowking Stone made that statement on the stage, naturally, I was very livid. At that point, I was not thinking about myself. I was thinking about the brand, Tigo. And I made that assertion that, if that gentleman did not apologise to Tigo, I would never be able to work with him again. And I’m saying it again. I would never be able to work with him again if he does not apologise to Tigo because that thing he said was uncalled for,” he said.


Flowking Stone has defended his action on the basis that he wanted the audience to know he was being asked to end his performance abruptly so they will not blame him for not performing to their expectation. But George Quaye insists the action of the artiste should be condemned.

“We are operating in country where we know that event organising is very expensive. Sometimes, even the tickets we sell at the gate would not be enough to help you break even. People that have been helping us survive are corporate entities. The corporate entities have built their brands and these are the brands that they survive on so I have never and will never condone anybody, be an artiste or an ordinary person do anything that will appear to put any brand in a bad light,” he noted.

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