Former Miss Malaika; Eirene Binabiba Launches Foundation

Former Miss Malaika; Eirene Binabiba Launches Foundation

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2014 Miss Malaika Queen, Eirene Binabiba has officially launched her longtime dream foundation that seeks to focus on conducting sustainable development projects in deprived communities to promote development as well as tackle issues relating to women and children. 

The ENB Foundation became a conviction after Miss Eirene witnessed the plight of a teenage girl who got pregnant, dropped out of school and lived from hand to mouth. The Ex-queen then set out to establish a foundation which seeks to empower the youth through training, workshops and mentorship programs, to serve as a step to poverty eradication. 

The foundation currently has about 25 young volunteers all over Accra and will keenly focus on three (3) core projects annually; The LASEAL Project (Learn a skill; Earn a living); a women’s economic empowerment project, where resource persons and volunteers would equip the women in deprived communities with entrepreneurial skills to encourage self dependency. 

The Cloth and Comm Project (clothing and community); this project seeks to help provide clothing needs and basic amenities to deprived communities. 

Notre futur (our future); this project will assist brilliant but needy children through school by offering them scholarships and creating mentorship programs which would serve as a step to help them realize their career goals and aspirations. 

The foundation has however undertaken a number of projects since 2015/2016 ; The Handwash Campaign; where a number of schools were visited across Accra, to teach about 5000 students from primary to JHS to inculcate the habit of washing their hands properly with soap and under running water, which helped to reduce cholera cases in the capital. THE LASEAL PROJECT (Learn a skill; Earn a living); trained about 50 tertiary students (Accra), in bead making, soap making and hairdressing, who in turn served as volunteers to train about 50 people in Saboba. The Eirene Clothing project also donated clothing to about 100 head porters (kayayee) in Accra central, 150 in Saboba and 250 people in Azizakpe (an island near Ada). The Each Child a Book project, in collaboration with Adopt a Lamb Ghana (an NGO), donated about 10,000 books to over 15 schools, from primary to SHS with the goal of inculcating the habit of reading into the children. 

The ENB Foundation undertook the projects listed above with little to no form of funding, sponsorship, or even volunteers and therefore believes that with the necessary support, sponsorship, partnership and funding, they will be able to achieve their vision of being at the forefront of impact, empowerment and development globally.



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