Ghana Movie Industry Is Not Dead – Peter Ritchie

Ghana Movie Industry Is Not Dead – Peter Ritchie

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Ghanaian actor, Peter Ritchie has stated that the Ghana movie industry is coming up and not ‘sleeping’ as perceived by a section of the public.

In an interview on Accra-based Hitz FM, the actor explained that “In every business, there is point where things will go down a bit but then, you just try to come out… we are doing all we can to bring it back, things are happening… it’s down but we are working on it.“

Acknowledging the fact that the industry has gone down, he also stressed that it’s depends on the producer and where the producer comes from.

“…this product (movie) is done but it goes back go Nigeria because the producer is from Nigeria. So, you will see things in Nigeria but will not see them here (Ghana)…it’s doesn’t mean we are not working,” he stated.

The actor has, therefore, urged his colleagues to support each other by starring them because the industry is growing and needs more producers and actors.




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