Ghanaian Bloggers To Hijack TV With New Show, “Bloggers Café”

Ghanaian Bloggers To Hijack TV With New Show, “Bloggers Café”

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For some years now, Ghanaian bloggers have been working with a great deal of effort to disseminate

firsthand information to the general public offloading the burden on the traditional media. Most

Ghanaians now depend on bloggers for pictures and videos from events, credible information and a lot

more making the work reputable in this century.

With the advent of many credible blogs in the country with more emerging each day, a new TV show,

bloggers cafe

“Bloggers Café” by Ghanaian bloggers is set to hit Care TV soon. The TV show will engage Ghanaian

bloggers on the challenges they face during their working activities. The bloggers who will be on the

weekly TV show will detail the stories published on their blogs revealing all the secrets behind the

published articles. The first ever TV show by Ghanaian bloggers will host all the faces behind the

controversial stories that go viral in the country and give them ample time to give vivid details of

publications on their blogs.

The show will also profile some of the renowned bloggers in the country brining to its viewers some of

the activities they engage in whilst they are out of the country.

“Bloggers Café” soon to be aired on Care TV will be hosted by blogger and on air personality, Zionfelix.

Care TV is free to air channel on digital TV and is channel 26 on Multi TV.

Watch the TV promo for “Bloggers Café” below:



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