‘Ghanaians’ Love For Dancehall Is Killing Highlife’ – Bisa Kdei

‘Ghanaians’ Love For Dancehall Is Killing Highlife’ – Bisa Kdei

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Indisputably, Highlife music genre is the heartbeat of Ghana music. Thus, Ghanaians gave birth to the Highlife, therefore, there’s the need for them to put strategic measures in place to protect and develop rapidly the indigenous genre.

Bisa Kdei, a renowned contemporary Highlife artiste, has expressed worry about the degenerating nature of Ghana’s Highlife. According to Kdei, Ghanaians love for foreign music genres especially Dancehall is a contributing factor to its gradual collapse.

“Highlife is struggling as far as Ghanaians continue to give much attention to foreign genres especially Dancehall. We just have to believe in ourselves that Highlife is from us and push higher the indigenous music genre. One thing is that it’s only Highlife that’s putting Ghana out there”, Bisa Kdei said this when he was interviewed by Emcee Bebe, host of Entertainment Xtra on Cape 93.3FM.

Besides, the “Brother Brother” crooner noticed that Ghanaian artistes who are doing Highlife are more recognised in Europe than those who’re representing other genres. To him, you (Ghanaian artsites) can’t sell Dancehall or Hip-Hop better than the Europeans because they’re the originators.

“The Europeans want to listen to indigenous music and instruments comparably to Dancehall among others if you’re a Ghanaian artiste. How can a Ghanaian artiste sell Dancehall music better than Jamaicans?” Bisa Kdei quizzed

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