Gifty Anti denies “don’t pray for a husband” comment | Puts peacefmonline on blast

Gifty Anti denies “don’t pray for a husband” comment | Puts peacefmonline on blast

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Radio and television personality Gifty Anti has debunked rumors that made news yesterday that she advised women not to pray to God for a husband.

She took her time to explain a statement she made as a guest on GhToday on GhOne which was taken out of context.

Read her explanations below

Normally I will let this slide and ignore. But not this one.

Yesterday I was on GH Today on GH ONE TV, hosted by Kafui Dey and Beisewa Dowuna Hammond.. We had a civil and interesting conversation about my marriage life and my new project, the AWO DANSOA READING PROJECT.

Kafui asked me how I was finding married life and I told him I was learning to be a wife because I never prepared for it. During the discussion I also said that ‘I was not one of those who prayed for a husband’ and that ‘my prayer was always Lord, if he is not the one for me, take him out of my life’.

Kafui at this point made a comment to the effect that, that was a negative/ wicked prayer and I said yes I know, So people shouldn’t be like me and shouldn’t pray that kind of prayer me.

Now as expected, the media picked it up and bloggers did what they know how to do best.

However, I woke up this morning to a rather HORRIFYING headline ‘DON’T PRAY TO GOD TO GIVE YOU A HUSBAND…. IT IS NOT RIGHT…. OHENEYERE GIFTY ANTI’.

Really? Now, I know Peace FM is a Twi speaking radio station, but seriously?

Interestingly, they sourced the story from, also a Twi speaking station. But the Adom FM story’s headline was ‘I AM LEARNING TO BE A WIFE….GIFTY ANTI’

No where in my interview with GH TODAY did I say ‘ Don’t pray to God to Give you a husband…it is not right’.

Fortunately, the whole interview (video) is on YouTube.

My question is, so where did the Peacefmonline person who copy pasted the story from Adomfmonline get that headline from? Was the headline deliberately or mischievously changed to court insults, and disaffection for me?

You see normally, I would have ignored it but this kind of headline is dangerous and will mislead especially young people who look up to me.

Peacefmonline changed the headline when I complained and i appreciate that. But you see the harm had already been done. A little diligence would have cured this mischief.

As for the insults and vile comments, well I am sure you know it’s part of the reasons why God continues to bless me and lift me higher.

I will not stop talking about or sharing my testimony of how God gave me a beautiful gift of a marriage that I never expected. It is a testimony that has encouraged and shown many how faithful God is. How awesome He is and How His timing is always right.

Everything I am and ever dream of is simply by the Grace of God and I will never downplay the importance of God’s intervention in anything we dream of achieving.


I remain Oheneyere Gifty Anti ( AWO DANSOA of the Little Republic of Adumasa Kingdom)





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