Girl Power: Selly Galley and Anita Erskine team up for powerful photoshoot

Girl Power: Selly Galley and Anita Erskine team up for powerful photoshoot

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Selly Galley is probably used to making the headline and being in the same room with the greatest faces in the industry. However, at the recently held Golden Movie Awards, the sexy screen diva, bumped into Anita Erskine and seemed a little excited. 

Both ladies who were at the awards as hosts (Selly hosting red-carpet, as Anita hosted main stage), took the platform to make great impact, as Selly led the charge for Ghanaian designers and Anita Erskine advocated education with her impeccable grip of the French language.

This was just a tip of the big-berg, as both ladies have been phenomenal to their society; with Selly Galley supporting dozens of orphans periodically and Anita Erskine running empowerment classes for young girls. The euphoria when both ladies met was one of mutual respect, as they couldn’t hold back their admiration for each other. The Joy Prime TV host and Anita Erskine seemed like best friends for what seemed like half an hour 

The unplanned meeting soon turned into a photoshoot, as the able lenses of Momento Photography clicked away at the request of both  beauties who had been styled by the super amazing Akosua Vee. 

Anita Erskine was full of kind words for Selly Galley, indicating that she has excelled in her field of endeavors and has earned her pride.

On Sunday night, both ladies took to Instagram to share a picture from the photoshoot, as Anita Erskine wrote, “Real women support each other”, indicating that her poses where directed by Selly. While Selly expressed her adoration and excitement on meeting Anita Erskine




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