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There are a few things we can be most certain about when it comes to the Vodafone Ghana Music

Awards. We can expect jaw dropping performances, electrifying acts and a night of nothing but glitz and

glamour. One would think that since the VGMA is an event that awards musicians, only the musicians

will be in the spot light. However, over the years the VGMA red carpet has been a fierce battle for who is

the most fashionable in Ghana. This battle is not for only the musicians but actresses, actors, socialites

and media personalities all come glammed up to feature on the VGMA red carpet.

It has become an interesting side attraction and indeed Grand Opening to the show and many people take

it very personal mainly because of the “social media fashion police”. Every year whilst the show is going

on, there is usually some talk on twitter about who is the best or worst dressed. They scrutinize everything

from your make-up to your hair to fingernails, your dress to your suit to your shoes and sometimes to

your label. It’s a big deal to be captured on the VGMA red carpet and an even bigger deal not to be

caught on the wrong side of fashion by the “twitter fashion police”.

This is the season for the designers to get creative, the hair stylists will have to sharpen their skills and the

make-up artistes would most definitely have to make sure that their clients are on point when it comes to

make up. The VGMA RED CARPET is a big deal and this year it starts at 7 pm sharp. Come early and

get caught on camera by the Top Gh media and invited International press. A little bird whispered to me

that MTV, TRACE TV, BELLA NAIJA and a host of other International media from across Africa will

be present on the VGMA RED CARPET. This could be your claim to fame. If you miss the VGMA red

carpet well, you would have missed half of the show.

On another note, Charterhouse, the organizers are taking Glitz and Glamour to a whole new level this

year with the introduction of Luxurious Vehicles to chauffeur the nominees to the VGMA Red Carpet.

YES!! It’s an extra big deal now and an awesome motivation to be on time at 7pm to catch a glimpse of

your favorite nominees being chauffeured in luxurious cars such as Rolls Royce Phantom & Ghost,

Bentley, Mercedes X Class, Escalade Extended Version, and Limousine Stretch Royal Edition from

Eurostar Global Limousines and five plush convertibles from Apollo Car rentals. The 17 th edition of the

awards will re-define Glitz and Glamour in Ghana.

Oh and the VGMA RED CARPET starts at exactly 7pm and ends at 8pm. So make sure that after going

to all the trouble to doll up for the event, you arrive on time and do not miss your grand opportunity to


Don’t be left out of the fun and excitement. Make sure to grab your ticket at Charterhouse, Vodafone

Offices (Osu & Accra Mall) and X-Men East Legon at GHC 200 for premium and GHC 300 for VVIP.

The 2016 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards is sponsored by Vodafone, supported by Star Beer, Mentos,

CAPP (Pisen), Furniture City, Airport View Hotel, Kempinski Hotel and powered by Charterhouse.



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