GMB2018: Adepa Shown Red Card Over Derogatory Words, Poor Performance

GMB2018: Adepa Shown Red Card Over Derogatory Words, Poor Performance

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Things did not go well as planned for Western Region’s representative in this year’s TV3 Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant, Adepa, as she was shown the exit from the competition.

Adepa’s performance on Sunday night did not only please the judges, especially Ante Linda Ampah who expressed disappointment in her performance, the public was equally not enjoying her in the competition, at least judging from the public votes.

At the end of Sunday’s live performance, Adepa scored low marks on the score sheet of both the judges and the public, leaving the judges with no choice but to give her a red card.

The task for the eight girls on the night was simple; to serve as mentors to their protégés by grooming them to participate in the Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant, arguably the most sought after beauty pageant in the country.

Adepa’s skit as a life coach preparing her young mentee to take part in the Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant failed to live up to expectation.

Her use of derogatory words in addressing an elderly person, was clearly the lowest point in her performance, something that did not go down well with the two judges on the night.

“Adepa, if this is what you have learned so far, then we have obviously failed, because you came across as rude, very disrespectful, your attitude towards the elderly person was wrong, that is not what we want to see in our beauty queens.”

“The act came out quite clear, and this is the attitude that came across, and I am disappointed if this is what you have learnt so far,” Linda Ampah told Adepa.

And when it was time for one of the eight girls to leave the 13-week long competition, it was a seemingly easy decision for the judges; Adepa had to go based on the fact that she had the least votes and her performance on the night was below par.

Perhaps she saw her eviction coming when she admitted after the announcement that her eviction was expected. For her, every one of them was liable to eviction from the competition.

“It’s all good, because it’s a journey we were all embarking on, a journey of uncertainty,” she indicated.

Also, she seemed to have blamed her poor performance on the night on her trainers.

“…It is rather unfortunate that we take instructions from people we work under, and the instructions I took did not work too well for me, but I accept it in good faith,” Adepa told host, Johnnie Hughes.

She became the third person to be evicted from the competition after Dzifa and Nuo from the Volta and Upper West regions respectively.

Each of the evictees received an amount of GH?5,000 from sponsors, Heaven Black Mosquito Spray and Coil, as well as some exercise books to be used to help their communities.

This year’s competition has been running for six weeks, and it has so far been characterised by rich cultural display, education and entertainment.

GMB airs every Sunday at 8:00pm on TV3 and all its social media platforms.




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