#Guidance!!! Is Infectious, Hot Visuals Released With Lyrics

#Guidance!!! Is Infectious, Hot Visuals Released With Lyrics

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With a successfully launched single in Ghana, Europe and across the world, on all online distributions channels locally and internationally #guidance released on Friday 31-08-18 is trending in Ghana, Paris, Germany, London and other major cities across the world.

BlackStar SR Entertainment can confirm 10,000 plus streams on Spotify in less than 2 weeks and rising. @tightfist_official has released ecstatic visuals to the trending song on Sunday 09-09-18 worldwide. In a telephone interview with okromouthafrica @tightfist_official disclosed that he will release the video with the lyrics to the fast trending banger #guidance. Follow @tightfist_official on all social media platforms for more music and entertainment. Enjoy this masterpiece from the versatile king!! WORLDWIDE!!! Get it Fresh & OUTNOW!!! Enjoy #guidance by @tightfist_official Prod. by @kammusic, Mixed & Mastered @vincentzorg

LYRICS VERSE-1 I just stepped out the hospital/ Thank God, my life so beautiful/ Since a kid them men try killing me/ I got blessed God made me a triple being/ 6months on the devil bed, left untouched/ Chilling out in Paris and the girls getting crushed/ See me walking and they looking like a movie scene/ Bout to stack money long as a limousine/ My whole life a miracle, something they never seen/ Looking confused and they doubting I’m a human being/ Imma be alive till it’s my time/ And Imma be on top in no time/ They know I’m back stronger, so they start hollaring/ Still Drop bangers and the people loving me/ TightFist the future, Yh u know I got the keys/ Get karma tryna kill me, it’s your cup of tea/

CHORUS Me Thank Jah fi Guidance/ Man a sole survivor/ I keep going higher/ The devil is a liar/ x2

VERSE-2 Soon pull up in a phantom, see me like a ghost/ Shout out to my man dem, we gon make a toast/ You know I break bread so, gotta get a loaf/ Top player on the field, God be my coach/ And you know I keep stepping on the haters like a roach/ You know that I know you, devil don’t approach/ Got the flow like water, moving like a boat/ More like a jetski, you can’t catch me/ Im Fly as a U.F.O in space getting lost/ lost/ Designer on me know the cost, cuz/ Fire bun dem like me gun buss/ Superhero like the panthers/ In space getting lost/ lost/ Designer on me know the cost, cuz/ Me keep moving and me don’t stop/ Superhero Pocahontas/

BRIDGE/ So you tryna holla, no nah nah/ Cuz me name catching more fire/ Keep it moving like a car tire/ And me building me own empire/×2

Credit: OkromouthAfrica



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