Gyan is a ‘beast and rapist’ – Kwablah’s mother

Gyan is a ‘beast and rapist’ – Kwablah’s mother

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The mother of the lady accusing Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan of rape has described the footballer as ‘a beast’ – and she wants President Mahama to force an apology to her family.

In a series of carefully chosen words, the mother of Sarah Kwablah painted the player as uncaring, arrogant, and callous. She was speaking at a press conference held in Accra on Wednesday following a similar gathering held by Gyan’s lawyer a day earlier.

She was flanked by her lawyer, Maurice Ampaw, and her daughter, Sarah.

“In my family, we are very, very worried because my daughter is a citizen of Ghana, and me too I am same. The whole issue is worrying because my daughter was raped. I’m sorry to say this, I’m very sorry to say this.

“The guy Asamoah Gyan is a beast. I’m sorry, very sorry.” “This is very painful because the guy did this and they brought my daughter out that she is an extortionist, blackmailer, gold digger, opportunist. My God!”

“It’s very painful and my family name out there. It’s not easy” Kwablah’s mother then began appealing to the conscience of Ghanaians in her quest to overturn the Attorney General’s verdict on the matter. It has been reported – but has not yet been independently verified – that the AG’s office has cleared the footballer of any wrongdoing, leading to Tuesday’s press briefing by the player’s lawyers to warn the general public from traducing the Ghana captain’s name.

“I’m not rich. My late husband was not a rich man. He was just a chief inspector, a station officer. Are you getting me?”, Kwablah’s mother said. “So the fact that we are not rich are we not Ghanaian too? I believe the president is watching. And the AG is under him. So what is president doing? He can see that no this is not good, call the case, call the captain for him to answer.”

“If it takes a thousand years, my daughter’s name will be cleared.” Kwablah’s mother then changed tack again, and went after the empathy of women around the country.

“Fellow Ghanaians, this [about] all women, [they] shouldn’t sit out there [and say] w?noaa na w?p?. If the guy will not come put and say the truth and apologize to the family, whereby the AG and authorities have refused to seek justice for my daughter. By hook or crook, the guy must apologise.”

The phrase ‘w?noaa na w?p?’ used in this context means “Sarah’s plight is self-inflicted”.

Her mother went on: “Gyan is too proud to come to my face and say ‘oh my mother I’m sorry, we did this. Even when she was pregnant.”

Maurice Ampaw spoke afterwards, charging the AG’s office to come again in its verdict and promised to invoke the powers of the United Nations, Amnesty International and other global bodies – if need be – to get the China-based footballer to admit to rape.

Kwablah (pictured, right) did not speak during the press conference.


22-year-old Kwablah introduced herself to Gyan as a university student and they had a distant love relationship for a few months.

In February this year, she reportedly invited him to her apartment, where they had sexual intercourse.

Months later, Sarah informed the footballer she was pregnant and made the player aware that she had secretly recorded their sexual encounters. She also threatened to make the video public if her demands were not met. Sarah then demanded a furnished apartment, a housemaid and a monthly stipend of $1,000.

Gyan’s lawyers subsequently lodged a complaint of harassment against Sarah and both parties agreed that a DNA test be conducted to ascertain whether or not Asamoah Gyan was responsible for the pregnancy, especially when a scan done to get the age of the pregnancy did not tally with the date they had the sexual intercourse.

Pending the DNA test, however, there was an agreement that Gyan would give the lady an amount of GH¢2000 each month to cover antenatal expenses.

But Sarah did not show up for the DNA test on the agreed date. She rather got her lawyer, Maurice Ampaw, to report a fresh case of rape and sodomy againt Asamoah Gyan.

Kwablah, in her initial statement to the police, said the sexual affair she had with Asamoah Gyan in February was consensual. By June she changed her mind and filed a new case alleging that it was rape and sodomy.

But in the latest twist, the AG – according to Gyan’s lawyer Kissi Agyebeng (shown above, centre, at Tuesday’s presser) – has thrown Kwablah’s case out of court.

Kwablah Mother Edited

Speaking at the Accra Sports Stadium, Gyan’s counsel announced: “On Wednesday 2 December 2015, we were called back to the headquarters of the Criminal Investigations Department, Accra and informed that after a careful study of the docket, the Attorney General has concluded that the rape and unnatural carnal knowledge allegations made by Sarah Kwablah against Asamoah Gyan are totally baseless and that the docket should be closed.”

However. Kwablah’s team contest this claim.

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