Hamamat Montia Launches Children’s Book Series, Zuzu & Sasa With A City-Wide Book Reading Tour

Hamamat Montia Launches Children’s Book Series, Zuzu & Sasa With A City-Wide Book Reading Tour

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Hamamat Montia, founder of Africa Eats Now, an organization committed to reducing malnutrition throughout Africa, is gearing up for her next project. Launching her first children’s book, Zuzu & Sasa, a 24-part children’s book series.

Zuzu & Sasa tells the story of two Ghanaian sisters whose adventure throughout Africa unlocks magic experiences, lessons on self confidence, culture and history.

“My children inspired me to write this book. My daughter came home saying she wanted to look beautiful like Cinderella. The fact that a child her age understood beauty enough to want to change her looks made me extremely uncomfortable. So I decided to create content that little girls like her could identify with. I want to see more confident children, who are excited and happy to express themselves.

I’m hoping that this little book will help to produce very intelligent children that are proud of who they are and where they are from,” said Hamamat, international super model and philanthropist.

In promotion of the series, Montia will be conducting a city-wide book reading tour throughout the month of March.  She will give talks and give aways. Topics will range from the importance of reading to self – discovery and dreaming big. Each host school will also receive a surprise gift from the Africa Eats Now Foundation.

On March 8th the tour will kick off with a soft press launch at the International Press Center, where Montia will debut the first book of the series, “My New Baby Sister.”

All sales and proceeds from the book will go to Africa Eats Now. In addition to funding the organization, Montia also seeks to promote literacy in Ghana and Africa at large.

“The book has diverse functions. It financially supports Africa Eats Now but also promotes literacy,” noted Hamamat Montia.

Reports place the literacy rate of Ghanaian adults over the age of 15, at 76.6% with a ranking of 172 internationally. Despite recent progress, many local schools and public learning facilities still lack the basic educational resources and learning materials. Projects promoting reading and cultural inclusivity will be a welcomed asset to many local libraries and schools.

“I believe in Africa and it’s future. The only way to secure the future is to secure the future is to feed it now, with great nutrition and knowledge,” shared Montia.

The official launch of The Zuzu and Sasa 24-part children’s book series will take place after the conclusion of the tour. For more details stay tuned.

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