Hamamat Shares Beautiful Photo Of Daughter; Details Why Her Marriage Collapsed

Hamamat Shares Beautiful Photo Of Daughter; Details Why Her Marriage Collapsed

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Ghanaian model and former Miss Malaika queen has shared a message about her divorce and how elated she is that her marriage was dissolved .

Hamamat expressed her happiness after leaving her marriage and she talked more on her divorce on her instagram page .

She was elected Miss Malaika in 2006 and model of Africa Universe in 2007 .

She is a mother of two daughters named Safari and Zuri .

She took to her instagram to express her happiness to have her two daughters in her life and how they both want to be like her .

Here is Hamamat’s full post

“Meet my oldest daughter #Zuri @zuzuandsasa :
Thank you Zuri for coming into this world to remind me that I can do anything. :

Because of you I didn’t care what “they” called me – because of you I don’t believe in limits – because of you I want to do & be more . :

There was a day I over heard #Zuri telling her sister #Safari that she wanted to be like me when she grows up then Safari said “me too “ and somehow that scared the sh** out of me.

Yes ! Yes I know – it’s normal for children to want to be like their parents but it is very different hearing them say it to each other.
I had to try to become the woman I will want them to be in future . – A happy woman – A kind woman – A confident woman – An honest woman – A hard working woman – A strong woman – A good woman – An African woman … the list goes on . :

Anytime the going went tough I will ask my self this question
If Zuri grew up and was in this situation- what will I tell her?
Queens : let your children be your motivation – Always (never a burden no matter how hard it gets) .

Leaving my marriage was hard but if #Zurigrew up and was in the situation I was in – what will I tell her ?
To stay because of society or to follow her heart and be strong. :

My marriage changed my life for the better
My divorce changed my life for the better
I am so thankful for both.
Today I am at a place I always wanted to be .
Expressing myself from the heart . :
Thank you #KingsandQueens : for making @hamamatafricanbeauty your Number 1 sheabutter brand from Ghana ????????- West Africa .


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