“Highlife Music can’t take you to heaven “Papa Shee tells Ofori Amponsah

“Highlife Music can’t take you to heaven “Papa Shee tells Ofori Amponsah

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Circular Musician turned preacher Papa Shee known privately as Nana Yaw Akosah based in Maryland, USA  who was well noted for his widely circulated ‘Atadwe, and Koyonso’ tracks back in the late 90’s has chastised the move by ofori amposah to return into the circular music scene.                                                                                               Papa shee who claims it is due to his prayers that most Ghanaian musicians are now opting for the pulpit said he is much disappointed in ofori amposah’s decision to return in the high life music .

Speaking  in an exclusive interview with Dave Hammer on Hello Entertainment , the ex-highlife artist  revealed that he got his breakthrough to become a man of God back in 2000 when he performed in front of a packed crowed who had congregated at the then Accra Sport Stadium for the opening ceremony of the African Cup of Nations.

He explained that upon realizing the huge number of people in the stadium, it dawned on him to channel his energies into the winning of souls for Christ and has never looked back since then . ” so i find it difficult to understand why ofori amposah cant stay focus in wining souls for christ “.

To him, the time has come for ofori and other musicians who can boast of large followers to try and draw their numerous fans to God just as they get these fans glued to their music albums.

Papa Shee, said  though it is not  an easy task, but he think ofori amponsah should have concetrate on God works than his personal interest .   ” ofori can be made more powerful by God if he remians focus in christ life ” .

He admitted that, though not all gospel singers or men of God wil go to heaven but it is improper for ofori to say he has been gifted with talent for that matter he have to display it . ” ofori can’t use his talent to mislead people and still claim he is worshiping God”.                                                                  Papa Shee urged ofori amposah to rescind his decision or face God’s wrath .   ” am telling ofori to repent now because highlife music will not take him to heaven ” .he added

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