How Boxer Emmanuel Tagoe Got To Know His 14-Year-Old Son Is Not His Child

How Boxer Emmanuel Tagoe Got To Know His 14-Year-Old Son Is Not His Child

Uncategorized Comments Off reported earlier the story of popular local boxer, Emmanuel Tagoe, discovering that his fourteen-year-old son was not his after a DNA test.

New details gathered by has revealed what led the boxer to go in for the test.

Emmanuel Tagoe, according to a post by popular sports journalist Saddick Adams who broke the news on his Facebook page, is shattered and broken after learning that the boy he has raised and cared for over the past fourteen years is not his son.

Speaking on what led him to go for the DNA test, Tagoe, also known as Game Boy, revealed that he suspected a conspiracy and blackmail from his baby mama and her family.

According to him, the boy’s mother always made ‘abnormal’ demands of him, including forcing him to take the boy to the school attended by Asamoah Gyan’s children, even when she knew he could not afford.

Tagoe revealed further that he was paying GH? 500 every month for the upkeep of the boy, but became suspicious when the mother started demanding more money.

He added that the boy’s mother and her family always came with many excuses such as the boy was sick, just to extort money from him.

At a point Tagoe said he suspected blackmail from the baby mama and so decided to go in for the DNA test which proved that the boy was not his biological son.

Game Boy also blamed his mother for the situation he found himself in.

According to him, it was his mother who forced him into accepting responsibility for the child even though he kept on insisting that he had not impregnated his baby mama.

He explained that they were only playing as children when they decided to experiment with sex – what is commonly known as “maame ne paapa” in the local parlance, – but later the girl came to say she was pregnant for him.

“I was very sure that this boy was not mine but my mum had gagged me. We were young when I was playing ‘Pilolo’ (hide and seek) with the girl. We were just standing and I had sex with her. I didn’t even ejaculate but her family came home later to say the girl is pregnant for me”, Tagoe reportedly told Saddick Adams.

Tagoe said he would not sue for damages, and that “I have given everything to God”. He added that whatever he gave to the boy, he wouldn’t take back because it is the mother who is to blame not the innocent child.

He said: “the most important thing is that, now I am free”.




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