“I Am Not A Prostitute” -Moesha Boudong

“I Am Not A Prostitute” -Moesha Boudong

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Contrary to what may seem like an outgoing personality and her provocative style of dressing which usually generates so much controversy on social media, actress Moesha Boudong has told Showbiz that in reality, she is a very shy person.

Moesha has even been called a prostitute and criticised on social media as an attention seeker due to her semi-nude pictures which surface online regularly and her style of dressing which shows off her massive curves but she says her public personality is very different from her real life person.

In an interview with Showbiz recently, Moesha said despite the criticisms and name calling, she does not care about what people say or think about her because she is only having fun and being herself.

“I am a very shy person and I don’t know why some people see me as a bad girl or an attention seeker simply because I am having fun by taking pictures. Some people even call me a prostitute but I am not. In fact, I don’t care what they say or think about me because they don’t know me,” the native of Upper West Region said.

According to Moesha, 25, who models too, although she is a shy person, she can be friendly too. “ Yes, I am a shy person but very sociable too. I love the company of people. When I was in school, whenever there was a new comer, I was the first person to make friends with the person. I am a nice person and just want people to see me as one of their own”, she said.

Moesha who has featured in movies such as Pool Party, Bloodline, Grey Dawn, Rape Case among others, said although she has been acting for sometime now, she is not very popular in the movie industry. “ I think this is because I have not played lead roles and most of the movies I have featured in are yet to be premiered.

She however has plans of going beyond acting to produce movies soon. “I have always had the passion for acting and would like to take my movie career a notch higher.

“The system has been slow with the load shedding in the country. So instead of waiting for producers to contact me, I’m going to start producing my own movies and exhibit my talent. Then those who think I have no talents will see that I really do have” she added.

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