I am not a weak man – Giovanni Caleb

I am not a weak man – Giovanni Caleb

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As much as the Ghanaian society has advanced, we are still quite traditional in the roles assigned women and men.

For instance, in many cultures, men are not allowed to sweep, bathe their children or carry them on their backs; doing these is seen as a sign of weakness because they are reserved for women.

However, radio and television personality, Giovanni Caleb is blurring these lines as he unashamedly uploaded pictures of him carrying his six-month old daughter, Zamora Yayra Adjormor, at his back, something that stirred some talk.

He is certainly not the first man to do that and perhaps the talk is because he is in the limelight but he does not care at all.

He tells Showbiz in an interview that this is not a big deal and neither is it a sign of weakness. “Honestly, I don’t really care what people have to say about that. You know, I have gotten to that point where my family comes first; helping my wife with the baby does not mean I am weak or less of a man.

“In fact, I go on the Internet to look for videos, watch and learn how to take care of babies and all and I am proud of it, I change her diapers and all. The only thing I have not gotten a full grasp of is how to bath her properly but I am learning,“ he said.

It’s a known thing that there is a special bond between fathers and their daughters and Giovanni exhibits that to the fullest taking joy in being able to do things for her.

“I am proud and excited. It is nice seeing my daughter sleep. Sometimes, you could be angry at something but you look at her and she smiles at you and you forget all your worries and that is it for me.”

For someone with such a busy life; apart from his duties on Starr Drive with Anita Erskine, he is also the host for this year’s edition of MTN Hitmaker, it must be challenging adding taking care of his daughter to his list but he actually manages it very well.

“My job is flexible so I am able to manage it, apart from that, my wife is very supportive, she is very amazing and submissive.”

For the 29-year old master of the microphone, one of the interesting experiences he has had with Zamora is when he took her to work during a holiday this year.

“It was an amazing experience. I enjoyed every bit of it. My family currently is my brand and they are the ones I think of first before making any move.”

Giovanni hopes to keep the bond between him and Zamora strong even as she grows older.

His first stint in the media was with Radio Univers in 2008 when he was in his second year at the University of Ghana, Legon. He joined Global Media Alliance as a national service person and was soon promoted to Programmes Manager. He moved to join the EIB Network in 2015. He got married to Belinda Baidu in May 2016.

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