I Deserve A Public Apology – Wanlov To Kempinski Hotel

I Deserve A Public Apology – Wanlov To Kempinski Hotel

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The African Gypsy, Wanlov D Kubolor says he deserves a public apology from Kempinski Gold Coast City Hotel for the treatment meted out to him on Saturday January 9 2016.

Narrating the incident on the said night in an interview with NY DJ on#RYSENSHYNE on Y102.5FM, Wanlov explained he had been invited to a dinner event where he was to be honoured by Little Angels, a charity organization which he has been working with for the past 3 years.

“The guys there were happy to see me, took pictures with me and one of the security guys decided to escort me to the restaurant where the event was taking place because the hotel is a big place”, he said.

However, things did do no go as expected as a white manager from afar asked the security official to turn the Human Being singer away.

“We walked through the hallways and when we got to the venue for the event, I asked the security guy to inform the hostess of the dinner to let her know of my presence so we could all go in together but then a white guy (I think he’s a German guy) walked towards the security to walk me out of the place because they do not allow people with no shoes into the restaurant. Although the security man tried to explain to him, he wouldn’t listen and just walked away”, he narrated.

According to Wanlov, although “I felt disrespected by that I decided not to push further since I was not in the mood to engage the manager” but to take it to Twitter.

Wanlov revealed the owner of the hotel has called to apologize but he is still not satisfied.

“I actually received a call from the owner the next day to say that he’s apologizing for that behaviour and I said I can’t accept any apology from him because it’s the guy who did what he did. Unless I receive a public apology from the company and one from the guy who didn’t do his work thoroughly, I’m not going to spare them.”

Twitter has since then been busy with tweets from individuals who have somehow been ‘maltreated’ by staff of the hotel.

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