I Did Not Sack Eddie Nartey- FunnyFace

I Did Not Sack Eddie Nartey- FunnyFace

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There’s been several reports that Popular comedian Funnyface sacked former director of the popular Television comedy series “Cow and Chicken”. According to these reports, Eddie Nartey who directed Juliet Ibrahim’s award-winning movie “shattered romance” among many other popular productions was sacked by FunnyFace due to the fact that, the director was making too many demands on set which was affecting the progress of the production.

In the reports, its also stated that, Eddie Nartey was a nuisance and funnyface could not tolerate his actions on set which resulted in the sacking.

Information reaching Ghkwaku.com from the director himself is that, there are several people in the industry who are trying to tarnish his image which he doesn’t understand.

Funnyface as well debunked all these rumors by posting a video on instagram to clarify the situation. According to the comic actor, he changed directors because he likes varieties, he did not sack Eddie Nartey, he just replaced him and they have a very good relationship for that matter.

he wrote:

So I hear Rumours … Dat I have sacked EDDIE Nartey … It’s a shame .. Dat ppl can say tins to destroy friendship … What I do .. Is dat I change directors from time to time … To bring varieties and different ideas .. For da programme not to follow a particular pattern … And to think of me not speaking to anybody … Yet they do a story and include my name … It’s a shame !! Hmmmm . GOD brought me here and he will keep me here .. Today dis tomorrow dat .. Hmmm !! GOD IS IN CONTROL

Watch FunnFace’s video post on instagram below…




source: ghkwaku.com



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