I didn’t know my song made people fornicate – Yaw Siki

I didn’t know my song made people fornicate – Yaw Siki

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Occasionally, we read or hear that a Hip-Life or Hi-Life artiste has made a ‘U-Turn’ and surrendered his or her life to Christ. Most of these artistes usually follow up their salvation encounter with a promise to never do secular music.

One budding act, Yaw Siki, whose career prospects in the music industry appeared promising enough with his two hit singles, ‘Wop3 dodo’ and ‘Jeggings Party’, announced his exit from the secular music world after he survived a fatal road accident three years ago. Yaw Siki declared that he had found Christ afterwards.

The born-again Tema rapper, exalting his new life on the ‘Xclusive Chat’ segment of ‘The Big X Show’ on Radio Univers, disclosed that he was unaware that his song was pushing people into sexual immorality.

‘Ei…this is what I was doing?…So this is what my song was doing. Leading people into fornication. It is not a good feeling. I wish they could even stop playing them.’

Yaw Siki, who now prefers to be called Brother Yaw, told Real Eugene, the host of the show that he once went to testify in a church when the language interpreter confessed that he used the ‘Wop3 dodo’ tune to commit several sexual sins in the past.

‘One time I went to testify at a Church, and the interpreter, he confessed and said that, this song, I used to do certain things with this song. This your song! He said he has a friend, anytime he hears my song, he feels like having sex.’

Brother Yaw added that he wished Radio Stations and Television Channels stopped playing his secular songs. He further revealed that he composed some gospel songs after his turn around but had to put his music career on a hold. Yaw Siki stated that God has directed him to do evangelism till the appointed time for him to return to his new music career.

The Evangelist now treks from neighborhood to neighborhood preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Brother Yaw asserted that his new life of evangelism is fulfilling though he finds it difficult to make ends meet.





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