I Don’t Know How Weed Looks Like Because I Have Never Smoked – Guru

I Don’t Know How Weed Looks Like Because I Have Never Smoked – Guru

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Smoking of marijuana or weed is mostly associated with people with fame or public figures all over the world especially musicians.

Whiles some societies see nothing wrong with this act, other country’s like Ghana see weed-smoking as an abomination.

The story in Ghana is not different from other parts of the continent as people see celebrities who smoke weed as irresponsible, immoral and not good role models for the young ones.

Among a number of celebrities who have been associated with weed smoking is Guru, but the rapper has stated categorically that, he has never smoked weed.

According to Guru, he was all alone in the street struggling to see success during his early music career but he never tasted weed.

“I wanted to create something for myself and my mum wasn’t in Ghana so I was all alone and you had no one to assist you in any way so you build a family with the people you walk with. But what makes me happy is the fact that there are certain things I never got myself hooked up with for instance how to smoke and drink”. Gururevealed in an interview monitored by MyNewGh.com.

“It would be difficult for me even now. Drinking alcohol wasn’t my thing and didn’t chase women as well,” he added.

Source: My News GH



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