I don’t need controversy to succeed – Samini

I don’t need controversy to succeed – Samini

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Dancehall artiste Samini has denied he is fanning the smouldering beef which started last year with Shatta Wale to attract some attention with the release of hisVexx Madd song.

The two artistes hit each other with diss songs last year. Shatta first came out with Sixth Letter to Samini after which Samini countered with Scatter Bad Mind.

Vexx Madd released about two months ago smacks of insinuations and is believed to be targeted at Shatta Wale in a bid to whip up more controversy between the two who have been at ‘each other’s throat’ since last year as an attention seeking venture.

But Samini told Showbiz on Tuesday that every Ghanaian knows his success is based on hard work thus he does not need controversy to thrive.

“Everyone knows I have done good music without controversies and all my international awards and nominations happened without tiffs too so I do not understand why people think I want to revive some feud to bring some shine to my career.

“You see, none of my hit songs thrived on bickerings. All l I do is good music and that is what has brought me this far.”

Questioned if his latest song Vexx Madd is a diss song for Shatta, Samini noted that he was not referring to Shatta but “whom the cap fits let them wear it” and so far as he is concerned, he does not have anything against anybody. When it was pointed out to him that his beef with Shatta last year brought him some attention since he was a bit on a low key, the award-winning musician said he never benefited from what happened.

“If last year’s wranglings was beneficial, who do you think benefitted from it? I had to come out last year because someone has been speaking about me for a long time and when I finally spoke, the fellow never came back again. So, let’s leave it at that” he said.

Touching on why he disassociated himself from the Bass Awards which took place yesterday, Samini said it was because he had a few issues with the award scheme.

“For now, I don’t like how it’s being organised, although I know every award ceremony has its own mistakes. Award schemes such as the Grammys, MOBO, MAMAs, etc all have their issues and you will always find a number of stakeholders criticise them. That notwithstanding, I still believe Bass Awards can do more” he stated.

Samini who has just released a peace song Prayer towards next year’s elections thanked Ghanaians for attending his Saminifest Concert which took place on December 5 at the International Trade Fair Centre.

According to him, “Saminifest was motivated by travelling and learning from the many cultures I encountered that for an artiste to stand out and remain relevant, you must set goals, and one of such goals is organising your own celebration or a concert.

“So, I decided on a festival instead of a concert. I did it to celebrate African music. I was impressed with the patronage and how much Ghanaians have come to accept the festival”, he added.

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